I am an experienced clinical Hypnotherapist helping people overcome problems and issues that have held them back.  I have a sympathetic approach with clients and love to be part of someone seeing their own true self worth.  I love seeing someone overcome a fear or phobia that has been holding them back sometimes for many, many years.  

I graduated from the Northern College of Therapeutic Hypnosis held at the Leeds General Infirmary in June 2008 with a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and have been in practise ever since.

I have a keen interest in anxiety control and stress management and have completed further courses in this area.  I also keep myself updated in the latest and newest techniques in all areas of Hypnosis. 

After doing several interviews broadcasted live on BBC radio Leeds I am recognised as one of Leeds local Hypnotherapists.  This gave me a wonderful opportunity to explain the benefits of Hypnotherapy to a wider audience.

I have spent some time practising at the Nuffield Hospital in Leeds delivering this psycological service.  

As I come from a nursing background I feel I have a good understanding of how hypnosis works really well alongside traditional medicine and treatments, and know the importance of working together with health care professionals such as GPs and other therapists.

My work involves helping people to achieve their own true potential.

So whether you want to change an unhelpful habit or you want to rid yourself of anxiety or panic then Hypnotherapy may be the answer.


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